Welcome to AFC Inc.


AFC Inc. builds and supplies acoustic fences, wood fences, chain link fences, wrought iron fences, and more, with an extensive list of products guaranteed to suit any project. We build with a variety of materials, including lumber, steel, and concrete, and are always ready to adapt our designs to meet every customer’s needs.

Everyone at AFC works hard to take stress out of the equation by providing our customers with consistently high-quality products to fit individual or commercial requirements and budget.

With five years of experience in the fencing industry, AFC has developed a business that focuses on exceeding expectations no matter how high. We’ve built fences to last and relationships with our customers that were built to last even longer. Our customers trust us because we construct a well-crafted product on schedule, which gives them peace of mind over the long term.

With AFC’s fencing systems, gone are the days of ugly fences that serve their purpose but decrease the aesthetic appeal. We make sure that our fences complement the look of the property they protect, which can even lead to an increase in your property value.


Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is a great choice if you’re looking to spruce up the areas around your house. This kind of fence can add that old world charm to your yard or any area it surrounds.

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Acoustic Fence

Acoustic fencing provides more than a dividing line; it offers the home owner the added benefit of a noise barrier, effectively reducing the passage of sound from one yard to the next.

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Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences can be put up in as little as a few hours, and are almost maintenace free. Every now and then,tightening the cables is needed, but other than that your common chain link fence is worry free.

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