Why is it called an Acoustic Fence?

Acoustics are, in effect, the properties of an article that affect the transmission of sound. An acoustic fence therefore, must retain properties that affect the transmission of sound through its walls. These properties not only keep sounds from entering from outside the fence, but keep the sounds within from travelling to the outside as well.

An acoustic fence is more than just wood slabs. They are constructed from scientifically engineered layers which work together to offer you the best in sound absorption and reflection. Acoustic panels will not block 100% of noise, nor will they contain it, but the difference is significant enough to warrant the installation.


Acoustic Fencing vs. Traditional Fencing

Traditional fencing used to be more than adequate for day to day living. Be it a picket fence, slat fencing, chain link, split rail or solid panels, fences were meant to clearly identify the property line between two homes, keep pets and children in, and give neighbors a place to lean while they visited over a cup of coffee. These days with the advent of pools, spas, trampolines, and the like, fences may need to be more functional than aesthetically pleasing.

Acoustic fencing provides more than a dividing line; it offers the home owner the added benefit of a noise barrier, effectively reducing the passage of sound from one yard to the next. In addition, much of the sound made in one’s own yard will remain there. This eases the burden of worry about disturbing your neighbors with such noises as an air conditioning fan, running of the lawn mower, or splashing in the pool. And if you live next to a noisy roadway or business, acoustic fencing will keep the outside noise out, leaving you to enjoy the serenity of your backyard.


Why Hire AFC Inc. to Install your Acoustic Fence?

When it comes time to build your acoustic fence, you want a contractor that has experience and uses a product that will deliver. AFC Inc. fits the bill. Their knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff will work hard and efficiently to get the job done. We will construct a solid, acoustic fence that will not only improve the look of your property, but that will add to your property value. Better fences make better neighbors, and we will build you the best fence we know how.

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