Privacy Fence


Privacy fences are a luxury rapidly becoming a tool of the middle class to create and bracket space into your own personal universe. A well made and well constructed privacy fence is unobtrusive and kind to the environment, and still provides a private curtain, encapsulating your home into a private sanctuary.


A privacy fence is usually constructed of thick, opaque materials to block out wandering eyes. Well made, a privacy fence can last for decades with minor maintenance. Treated woods are the most often used material to build a privacy fence, though polycarbonates and manufactured woods are quickly replacing them.


With treated lumber and polycarbonate materials, the risk of rust is non-existant, unlike a metal fence; moreover, a constructed lumber or polycarbonate can’t rot or mildew, and stands up to rain as well as the Earth it’s anchored to. These benefits are offset by greater cost, and a more sophisticated building process.


There’s always the optional of involving a professional construction company: they’ll advise you on how to construct your new privacy fence, and, if you wish, construct it for you. Fees charged are managable and in line with the work done, and in return you don’t have to give up your weekends for an entire month.


The best of these companies put worker safety first: even when building something like a privacy fence, heat exhaustion, overexertion, hyper extending muscles, heart attacks, and so on are all dangers. AFC Inc., a member of a select few number of companies, put their best foot forward and place their employees at the highest priority. They provide the safest possible working conditions, and apply for the correct permits to construct your new privacy fence.


By hiring AFC construct to build your new privacy fence, you entrust them with your land, and you trust them to do things the right way. They’ll earn that trust, and more, through their sound construction practices, excellent customer service, and safety first attitude: no job site is too safe for AFC, and no risk too small; all the necessary precautions are taken to make sure you have peace of mind, both from your wandering neighbors and from the sweat and work that made it possible.

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