About Us


Based in York region, our team gladly commutes across Ontario. Whether it is a development site or residential job, AFC commits to any work prearranged. As our team expands, we have the opportunity to employ qualified individuals. All staff members are WHMIS trained, WSIB covered and fully insured. This keeps all customers at ease throughout construction projects. Having ten employees and growing keeps our weeks consistent as well as completing jobs on a deadline.


As the industry grows, it is every buyer’s request to locate a qualified contracting business and of course, an affordable one. It is our responsibility to give both. Competing in a growing market, and having completed over three hundred projects, we have a stable list of satisfied clients, all of whom are willing to refer our company. AFC is honest, loyal and dedicated to completing any job for any consumer. It is in our best interest for you to be a part of our business. Please call, fax, or e-mail and we will get started immediately on making your project a trouble-free and painless experience.